Posted on Jul 9, 2020

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When Paint Decorating Over Wallpaper is the Better Alternative

While it is generally far better to take off your wallpaper prior to redeocrating, there are some instances when painting over paper might really be better. It is most important that the walls under the paper will stay undamaged. Getting rid of old wallpaper, or numerous layers of paper, often triggers unforeseen damage to wall surfaces. Alternatively, you can contact Painters Cape Town for assistance.

If you make a decision to proceed with painting over your wallpaper, it is essential to prepare your wall surfaces thoroughly to guarantee the best outcome possible. Apply a slim coat of plaster product over heavily tectured paper to hide imperfections. This product will help to smooth out the substrate and cover the textured appearance. Carefully sand down the joints of the paper so that they do not show on the topcoats.

Paint a layer of oil-based primer to the whole surface area of the wall prior to painting. This procedure secure the adhesive in the paper away from dampness in the paint.

You can now proceed to decide on the type and colour of your topcoat.
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