Posted on Jun 11, 2020

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The Solution Painters Cape Town has for Painting Wet walls

We all know that winter is the rainy season in most parts of the Western Cape. Weather can affect exterior house painting and the Pacific Northwest has its challenges. However, we have you covered with this new paint solution.

This new paint innovation can be applied directly to wet, condensing surfaces. It can even be applied directly to substrates without the need for a primer. This paint uses a resin that cures even under wet conditions without any effect on drying time. The paint dries in twenty minutes, after which you can start to apply a second coating.

We recently had a challenge with a retaining wall for a deep excavation that was built on a slope. The purpose of the wall was to retain soil and water. No waterproofing was done at the back resulting in a very damp wall with lots of blistering paint. Painters Cape Town removed the loose paint and feathered the edges of the old paint. We then applied two coats of this new paint and solved the problem. Needless to say that we ended up with a very happy client.

Does any of above have a negative effect on your painting in the wet rainy season in Cape Town?

Wet substrate compatibility. Yes, this paint can be applied to soaking wet surfaces and if you are very brave you can even paint while it is drizzling.

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